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Patient Advocacy Group

Please participate by checking out the webpage at: DENT Disease Foundation.

New diagnostic algorithms

The RKSC investigators collaboration has published a new article that also includes updated diagnostic algorithms for the four rare kidney stone diseases in the RKSC, including a Dent algorithm: Edvardsson V, Goldfarb DS, Lieske JC, Beara-Lasic L, Anglani L. Milliner DS, and Palsson R. Hereditary Causes of Kidney Stones and Chronic Kidney Disease. Ped Neph 2013.
Article link:

Focus Group

John C. Lieske, MD (Principal Investigator) | bio | Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Lada Beara Lasic, MD, MS (Co-Investigator) | NYU Medical School, Department of Nephrology, NY

Barbara M Seide (Study Coordinator) | Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Julie Olson, RN (Study Coordinator) | Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


Contact information:

Mailing address for records/paperwork:

Mayo Clinic
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905
Dent Disease Program Ei-SL 33

Phone: 800-270-4637
Fax: 507-255-0770


How Can I Participate?

1. Join the Dent Disease Registry!
The Registry is one of the easiest ways for patients to help and the Registry is also one of our most important tools to learn more about Dent disease. We encourage all Dent disease patients to join the Dent Registry. Recently our Registry enrolled its 100th patient!

• For more information on this study contact the RKSC Study Coordinators at:

email or call 800-270-4637

2. Sign up for the Patient Contact Registry on the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network (RDCRN) site. RKSC will be posting news and updates on the RDCRN site. RDCRN will also be updating patient information on this site and patients are encouraged join the RDCRN Contact Registry to stay informed about upcoming news:

3. Support the Dent Disease Patient Advocacy Group.

4. Participate in other research studies of Dent Disease: Contact the Study Coordinators and they will assist you in signing up for the studies that are open for enrollment:

email or call 800-270-4637

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